How To play the game?

Explore, Grow, and Breed - The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

Get an Egg and Hatch

In the game, you acquire a Trainer and embark on daily explorations. During these explorations, you have the opportunity to find eggs. Once you obtain an egg, you can hatch it, resulting in the birth of a Beast, which you can then add to your collection. Explore to get Eggs: Hatch Egg:

Trainer Growth system

In the game, Trainers gain experience through explorations. When their experience reaches 100, their Level increases by 1. A Trainer who reaches Level 5 can undergo an upgrade to become the next tier of Trainer. Higher-tier Trainers have a higher chance of obtaining eggs through explorations and may receive a greater quantity of eggs as well

Upgrade your Trainer:

Beast Growth system

In the game, Beasts also participate in daily dungeon explorations to earn experience and WAR coins. Similar to Trainers, Beasts can gain experience through battles and activities. Once a Beast reaches Level 5, they have the opportunity to evolve into the next stage or form of evolution, unlocking new abilities and potentially increasing their stats. This evolution allows the Beast to become even more powerful and versatile in combat.

You can Explore here: Evolve your Beast:

Breeding system

Breeding is a system where two Beasts come together to produce a single egg. Once breeding is done, there is a cooldown period of 7 days before another breeding can take place. Breeding higher-tier Beasts increases the chance of obtaining rarer eggs with unique characteristics

Breed your Beasts:

What's next?

We're eager to hear from Trainers to decide our next steps. Here are some options on the table:

  1. Mobile App: Introducing a system where Trainers can walk and earn eggs through the mobile app. Stay active while collecting eggs for your collection!

  2. Beast Trading: Enable Trainers to trade and exchange their Beasts with other players. Expand your collection and discover new companions!

  3. Beast Battle Game: Engage in thrilling battles with your Beasts against other Trainers. Test your skills, strategize, and prove your dominance in epic duels!

  4. Raffle: Introduce an exciting raffle system where Trainers can participate for a chance to win exclusive rewards and rare Beasts.

  5. Beast Bounty program: The Beast bounty program is a service that purchases rare Beasts from you at a high price in WAR coins

We value your input! Let us know which feature you'd like to see implemented first. Your voice matters in shaping the future of our game

Do you have any inquiries? Please let us know through our Discord ticket system. Join our Discord server at and open a ticket to get in touch with us. We're here to assist you!

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